We are very selective about who we start new relationships with in seeking to provide the high level of service our clients deserve. We tend to work with hard-working, successful individuals and families who are disciplined and responsible in their savings. Initially, clients come to us for a variety of reasons and as our relationships grow we tailor our services to address their financial needs.

You may be a great match for our services if:

  • You are a small business owner or highly compensated individual looking to invest your hard earned wealth and/or potentially reduce your tax burden
  • You plan to retire soon and need help with effectively investing your retirement “nest egg”
  • You have investable savings and are seeking regular, predictable monthly income
  • You want to determine if you can retire
  • You are concerned with protecting your life savings and how to best transition it to the people you love

Please contact us with questions on how we can best serve you and to set up a complimentary meeting to discuss your financial future.